The profession of pharmacist is the ultimate way to combine a job in the social service sector with an independent business.
Our Botica Zorg pharmacies are pharmacies where the team members teach each other and learn from one another, but also pharmacies that keep working on improvement of their quality. At Botica Zorg we pay a lot of attention to the training and coaching of our assistants. Also, we have developed numerous tools to support the team. We, of Botica Zorg pharmacies, work with a explicit objective. By utilizing the knowledge of each other, we try to have a growing development of our format. Are you interested? Please contact us


Pharmacist’s assistant

As pharmacist’s assistant at one of our Botica Zorg pharmacies, we offer you a versatile job with lots of room for personal initiative and many facilities for development of one’s abilities. The Botica Zorg pharmacies strive for the highest quality, customer-orientatedness, service and coaching. Are you interested? Please contact us


Drugstore employee 

Being a drugstore employee, you are responsible for all sales of the self-care and nursing remedy assortment and other drugstore products. We, Botica Zorg, offer great service and we are customer-friendly at all times. You will be there to advise customers with their purchases and be responsible for the impeccable appearance of the store. Are you interested? Please contact us

Botica Zorg

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